Jamai Raja 6th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 6th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Everyone is coughing and unable to breathe because of mami’s ‘nazar’ fail.

Anya and Sid are close and that makes Roshni jealous. Anya is craving spicy noodles and Sid cooks them for her using leftover resources.. They are also poking fun at Roshni and it’s a fun scene.

Roshni is incredibly jealous seeing Sid love Anya, she remembers their own fun times

Roshni goes to get ketchup and Sid to get plates. Roshni is seen very upset. Siddharth is very confident that he’ll get back Roshni now and even his plan is working. Mami follows Sid and Roshni to the kitchen and sees Roshni leaving.

At night, they all start a campfire and Anya suggests they should play dumb charades. Mami performs first and then they make teams. Anya suggests Sid and Roshni in one team and everybody else in one team. Sid tells Roshni that he won’t let them lose. Anya gives Roshni a movie name and Roshni starts acting. Roshni makes Sid do the titanic pose in front of everybody to make him guess the movie. They both get really close. When Sid guesses the movie, Roshni gets excited and says, “You’re the best, Sidharth, I-“

Everyone says that she shouldn’t have used Sid. Now it’s Sid’s turn and he starts acting. The movie was Love Story but Roshni couldn’t guess it. Anya also acts a movie.

Neel’s mom goes to sleep and Neel suggests that everyone should sleep out in the open in tents.

Sid and Neel set up the tents and they all go to their tents to sleep.

Roshni’s tent falls on her and she’s crying and screaming, but Siddharth saves Roshni. Mami and everybody else blame Neel for not making the tent properly. It seems that Sid’s plan is working flawlessly. It was apparently Sid’s doing that the tent fell on Roshni. Sid gets angry on Mami for having backward thinking and says that even his mom believes in an auric healer. Sid takes out a crumpled piece of paper and throws it away.

PRECAP: An aura healer arrives at Neel’s house and says that there is something wrong with the house, and Roshni says that maybe she has seen him somewhere before.