Jamai Raja 7th June 2016 Written Episode Update

The paper Sid threw at mami had the number of an aura healer written on it. The next morning the bel rings and an aura healer enters the house.. Neel’s mom is confused and then mami tells everyone that she is the one who called him.. she doesn’t want to put herself in danger.

The aura healer is doing weird things and sniffing everybody.. he compliments Sid and then turns away from Roshni. He says that something is wrong with Neel. Then Roshni tells him that I can’t remember but I have seen you somewhere.

Neel is annoyed and starts to leave when the aura healer tells him that the aura of the house is all wrong. He asks Mitul to get some bowls and clean water. Neel wants to go away with Roshni for his launch. Roshni is making a speech at her office and she tells them that we have worked really hard for this day, while Neel takes some pictures of her. Sid is watching Roshni and he looks enchanted by her. The photographer tells Neel that he takes beautiful pictures and why did he call him if Neel’s there.

Roshni trips on wires and Sid catches her in his arms like a hero when suddenly rose petals start flying everywhere and the photographer clicks their picture. Roshni is telling Neel that the cover picture is beautiful and everything the way she wanted it. Anya tells Neel that maybe we should do the aura healer’s pooja because everything has been going wrong since the engagement. Roshni agrees with Anya and Neel tells them that do whatever you want. They continue working and now Roshni is tired as it’s late.

Roshni tells Neel and Anya to go and rest at home.. they leave.

Roshni is very tired and she continues working when Neel comes to her with a menu and asks for her order. She asks for a cappuccino and he presents it for her. She tells him that why did you come back? He says that I’m not here to work but to have coffee with my fiancée. Neel tells her that even though you smile a lot, it’s as if your eyes are trying to say something else.

Next day they are having their pooja and Sid says that we are going to have a fabulous launch party. Roshni approves pictures of the cover. Everyone is praying and Anya and Sid are peeking at Neel and Roshni when Anya tells Roshni that we should leave as it’s getting late. They all take prasad and go.

Sid has turned off the elevator with Roshni and Anya then they start shouting for help. Neel hears this and he tries to help. He manages to open the doors and get them both out. When suddenly the ceiling water for fires starts and the pictures get wet.

Neel is drying the pictures but water is everywhere. Anya is crying and she says, look I told you! Something is wrong. Now what will we do?

Sid suggests that maybe we should postpone the event now that the project is ruined, but Neel tells him that no.. It’ll be today only.

At night, all the guests and media is prepared for the event. Roshni feels sentimental at the Khurana house. Roshni asks Neel where he is because she doesn’t want to enter alone.

Roshni feels really emotional to beback in her true home..She sees Sid’s mom posing for pictures with Anya and enters Siddharth’s room. She’s questioning whether what she is doing is right or wrong when Sid’s mom enters. She is scolding Roshni and telling her that look.. no pictures in this house only empty canvases that Sid will fill with the paintings of his new life partner Anya. She says that now you’ve lost all this and you’re searching for someone who will help you.. but you’re helpess.


Media is hassling Sid, when he suggests that maybe we should postpone and then Neel enters and tells everybody that no the launch WILL happen.