Kumkum Bhagya 3rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Pragya is praying when sarlaji calls her to express how happy she is to know tannu is caught red handed with the cash. She advices pragya to visit the temple and thank mata rani. Rather pragya expresses her joy for letting her mom be off the blame of robbery.
Tannu is upset while she is leaving the house, she recalls her memories.

Mithali and her mother in law are seeing her leave and are rejoicing about the bet.
Tannu misses alia and is trying hard to stay back. Abhi rushes towards her and while tannu is getting off the stairs he calls her out. Tannu slips the stairs and collapses. Everyone rushes towards her as she falls on her stomach. Pragya calls for ambulance.

Pragya calls nikhil and informs about tannus situation. She tries hard to make nikhil realize his duties towards the child. Nikhil does not want any harm to do kid as his and tannus dreams will be shattered.

Dadi hears nikhil and pragyas conversation and she is proud about pragya. Pragya seldom feels it was her responsibility to infrom nikhil.

Pragya rushes to the hospital.

Doctor questions abhi about tannus accident.

Abhi is seen worried about tannu and the child. While he fills the form he feels terrible about his lack of responsibility towards tannu and his child.

Nikhil reaches the hospital. While entering the hospital he feels it could be a plot to get caught red handed by pragya. He has a doubt about the accident. He concludes that he should go inside and figure out what the reality is.

Mithali is confused about the accident, if its real or not, knowing tannu well it could be a lie.
She and her mother in law are again seen in an argument about tannu and pragya.

Rachna purab aakash raj are seen discussing the accident and doubting it, as they too are aware about tannu and the kind of planning she has.

Pragya is concerned about abhi and the thoughts he might be having, being guilty about tannus accident.

Abhi tells pragya that he needs her and her friendship. He expresses how bad he is in handling his to be born child.

Pragya assures him that all will be fine in no time. She is almost about to speak the truth as he is being concerned about a child who is not even his own, when the doctor interrupts. The doctor tells abhi that he is responsible about tannus condition. He blames abhi for not taking care of her in her last months of pregnancy.

Nikhil hides himself from abhi and purab. While he walks away from them successfully, he meets pragya.