Kumkum Bhagya 4th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Pragya and nikhil run into an argument. Pragya sticks upto the fact that both the parent of the child are just using the child for their greed and benefit.

Nikhil reminds pragya that abhi is over emotional about the child who he calls his rather than nikhils. Pragya is shocked to see that nikhil is still worried about his greed rather than the condition of the child.

Abhi sees tannu and imagines what all pragya had asked him to be- strong.
Nurse comes into the room when tannu wakes up. Nurse tells abhi to be careful about tannus condition and to take care of her.

Abhi tells tannu he is guilty and his entire family will take care of her.
Abhi wants pragya to be with him while tannu wants to see pragya and her teams reaction.
Pragya is feeling bad about her failed successful mission. She speaks to sarla ji and dadi about the loss. They both show lot of support and ask her to keep faith.

Mithali and her mother in law are only concerned about the drama and their bet.
Abhi apologizes to sarla aunty and asks her to slap him. While she raises her hand she blesses him and tells only the hand will rise to bless their child, not to hit them.
Tannu hears someone coming in the room and pretends to be in pain, thinking it might be abhi.

Rather it turns out to be nikhil and he expresses his concern about tannus health and his kids condition. Tannu questions him about coming so late. He inform her about the entire family waiting outside and how difficult was it for him to come see her. Tannu yells at him for not helping her when she called.

Nikhil asks about the accident and tannu confesses how easy she planned it.
Nikhil yells at tannu for being so careless and is disappointed about the fact if any damage to child will not fulfill their dreams.

Abhi and pragya share a talk and pragya goes to give medicine to tannu. She hears some laugh from tannus room and while the duo is discussing the plan she is seen entering the room.