Kumkum Bhagya 6th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Pragya is shocked to see nikhil and tannu share a laugh. She feels really bad for the kid and tries to explain both of them to be concerned about the child. Instead tannu and nikhil mock about the situation. Tannu tells pragya that her fate with abhi is written by God. Also she informs pragya that this time abhi will be running behind her. Nikhil warns pragya to take good care about tannu.

Mithali and her mother in law are surprised to see servants to clean tannus room. Both are confused and shocked. Mithali fights with her mother in law as she has lost the bet.

Tannu is brought back home with the nurses and pretends to be sorry about the robbery.
She tried to gain attention by climbing the stairs and shouting in pain. Abhi rushes to her and requests everyone to take care of her.

Pragya is seen crying in her room when dadi comes to meet her. Pragya tells dadi about last night how she came across the truth. She even tells that tannu has asked her to leave as within 2 months the baby will born and pragya will eventually be separated from abhi and their relation shall end. Pragya reminds tannu about the day when truth might come out and her game shall be over.
Dadi advices pragya to be close to abhi if she has to win over tannu. Pragya feels the attachment is only with the kid and not tannu.

Mithali tells raj about parent teacher meeting in boarding school for their kids when raj says he will not be coming with her. Mithali is not liking raja behaviour and plans to tell pragya as she might explain raj.

Tannu tells servant to inform abhi about a major pain she is having when dadi over hears. She advices tannu to not use her kid as a tool. Instead tannu says she has learnt everything from dadi itself.