Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Paridhi is angry at Kokila for talking rudely with Monica. Kokila tries to complain about Monica to Paridhi but Paridhi agrees with Monica and asks Kokila to apologize to Monica.

Kokila is forced to apologize to Monica.. she begs Paridhi to call a doctor and fast. She’s worried about Gopi’s health. Paridhi commands Kokila to go to her room.

Paridhi asks Monica to call the doctor and Monica is seen calling Dr Falguni.

Jay, and Veeru are doing masti.. and their mom and  nanisasuma are scolding them. Jai and Veeru start tickling their mom.. A sweet, funny scene is seen between OLD AUNTY and ????

Gopi is seen lying in bed and smiling at Aham’s picture.. She is having flashbacks of Aham and their happy times. Kokila notices this and is happy that Gopi is smiling.

Vidya is seen teaching a poem to Priyal when she gets a call from Sona, She wants to know what the homework is as her sons have not written it properly. Vidya tells Dr Krishna’s tale to sona and Urmila.
Both are incredibly angry at Dr Krishna.

Vidya asks sona what her opinion is.. everybody is angry and shocked. She notices Saahil listening to the conversation. He is furious at Krishna.

Time is passing by but still the doctor has not arrived. Kokila is incredibly worried for Gopi.

Paridhi is feeding Jigar food and Kokila doesn’t want to disturb her.. That’s when the doorbell rings and Kokila is grateful. Paridhi says a few words of praise towards Monica.

The nurse has arrived now and say it won’t be a problem if Gopi didn’t get her injection on time. The nurse informs Kokila that Dr Krishna is the one that sent her and that he even sent some medicines for Gopi. Kokila has been coughing for a while now and the nurse notices this, she does a checkup of Kokila and says that Kokila has a high fever and a flu. She says that it can spread to others too and she shouls stay away from Gopi.

The nurse gives some on the spot medicine to Kokila and then leaves. Kokila is now in a predicament. She doesn’t want to let Gopi sleep alone. Paridhi is happy to be spending time with Jigar when Kokila tells her that even she has the flu, she tells her that now she can’t slseep in Gopi’s room. She asks Paridhi to sleep in Gopi’s room. Paridhi gets defensive and doesn’t want to sleep with Gopi. Kokila is again begging Paridhi.. she reminds Paridhi of every good thing that Gopi has done for her. Paridhi takes this as emotional blackmail and agrees to sleep in Gopi’s room.

Kokila is praying for death, she wants thee love that everybody had for Gopi to come back to life.


Paridhi is feeling hot in Gopi’s room.. She leaved the room annoyed when the AC water drips on Gopi.