Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Kokila is scolding Paridhi for leaving Gopi alone at night. Gopi has a fever now and even though it was Paridhi’s fault, Jigar takes her side, and tells Kokila to stop blaming Paridhi.

Jigar and Paridhi are both really angry at Kokila for scolding Paridhi when a nurse comes home.. Kokila tells her to come with her quickly.. Paridhi tells her that look, we called for a nurse when you asked but then the nurse tells her that she was sent by Dr Krishna. Jigar tells the nurse to leave and tells her to get out.

The nurse tells Jigar that it is taught to them that no matter what the situation they have to help the patient. The nurse is now angry and leaves. Kokila is again begging everybody for them to call a doctor. Jigar calls Dr Mehta and commands him to send his best doctor to his house within the next half an hour.

Kokila is talking to Krishna god and tells him that she has never done anything wrong to anybody else and has always been justful.

This is the same Jigar who use to call gopi bahu mother and now they are so indifferent…jigar doesn’t want to see gopi bahu at all …why they have changed …kokia is asking god is this is your justice..

Kokila has changed the bed who got wet last night and she is the only one who is taking care of gopi …kokila is talking to herself it’s all y fault I should have slept here only …if I was here aisa nahi hota tumko takleef nahi hoti and just then she hears knock on the door she opens and sees its kishna …kokila tells him to go but Krishna comes inside and he sees gopi is not well he says let me check her kokila says you go from here jigar had called another doctor so you leave but he checkd gopi and says she is having cold and he starts taking care of gopi again he tells kokila she wil be okay

Here vidya and shgaun is talking to each other and about krishna and gopi maa ….shagun is saying may be he likes maa vidya says but how is it possible maa is not well she doesn’t talk how this is possible .

Here Krishna is taking care of gopi and give kokila also meditation and says you will be okay now let me go otherwise again jigar will beat me again …kokila says, then why you said that thing … Krishna says becouse I love her and I am going to love her always ..kokila says that’s not possible atall this is my family and you don’t belong to this family so you leave now


Jigar is scolding Krishna and just then they find out that gopi’s room is on fire