Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th june 2016 Written Episode Update

Kokila tells I am grateful that you have taken care of me and gopi but now please leave and please don’t come again Krishna leaves with heavy heart

While leaving Krishna encounter with monika and she screams saying how come you’re here …daddy mummy please come fast

Subham is shouting at sona that how can you say this sona says aakir issmain galat hi kya hai koun hai wahan unka khyal rakhne wala …what is wrong in this if gopi maa gets another chance of getting love

Here in gopi’s room through window wind is coming and candle is flickering …..

Monika calls everyone Krishna says I am here only call whoever you want chirag comes and says how you dare enter my house Krishna says I came to check my patient now I am leaving

Here in gopi’s room fire is building up she is holding aham’s picture and sitting there

In the living room kokila tells everyone let him go but chirag says no I will take him to the police station while they are fighting fire is booming up an monika sees the fire they all run towards the room but room is full of fire and door is also burning everyone is shouting gopi please come outside kokila is requesting everyone to save gopi but no one is able to jump the fire they call fire brigade …here when kokila is about to jump in the fire to save gopi Krishna holds her back and he jump in the fire to save gopi …fire is all over the room and gopi is sitting in a bed bed is also catching fire ..krishna is also caught by fire but somehow he manages to save gopi he comes out with gopi but his leg is burned kokila from flower vase put water on his leg gopi is okay but this leaves kokila thinking that how bravely he saved gopi …kokila is stunned

In meera’s house one parcel comes for meera and vidya takes it and keeps it on table while vidya is busy on phone call priyal opens the parcel and meera sees it and she shouts and tells if you can’t handle your kid keep her in a room priyal is crying and vidya and her husband both are feeling bad about this..

Here in mody sadan kokila ask Krishna are you okay he says if gopi ji is okay then I also okay I am leaving …kokila says you are burned please take rest for some time chirag says let him go from here Krishna says he is right I am leaving and he says bye and leaves

Precap: Kokila ask Krishna I am asking you please marry my bahu and take care of her