Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Kokila is sitting in Gopi’s room, watching Gopi.. She thinks about Gopi’s marriage to Aham and the moments they shared together. She also thinks about Aham’s death and everything that’s happened since. She remembers every time Dr Krishna has helped Gopi and his marriage proposal too.

Kokila doesn’t know when the saas-bahu relationship turned to a maa-beti relationship. She only cares about her and promises to only make decisions for Gopi bahu’s happiness and benefit.

Krishna’s doorbell rings and it’s Kokila. Krishna makes a few jokes and then welcomes her into his home. He asks about Gopi’s health and then Kokila asks him why he loves Gopi and why does he want to marry him. She tells him that Gopi can’t speak or even think. Kokila tells Krishna that there is only room for Aham in Gopi’s life and nobody else. She asks Krishna that what makes him think he can find space in Gopi’s heart. Krishna says he understands the words that Gopi doesn’t say. Krishna says that it’s not like I’m ugly but I decided that I would only marry the girl I can give my life for. Kokila remembers how he jumped in the fire to save Gopi’s life. Krishna says he didn’t see the fire.. he only saw Gopi.

Krishna says that Gopi doesn’t need me as much as I need her. It’s okay if she doesn’t love him back.

Krishna promises that he will never leave Gopi’s hand, and make Gopi feel alive again.

Kokila asks for Krishna’s hand in marriage for Gopi. She asks him to marry Gopi, and Krishna happily says yes. Krishna also thanks god.. he can’t believe that this happened. Kokila gives Krishna her ashirwaad and hugs him. Kokila asks Krishna to live for Gopi and to make her living again.

On returning home, Paridhi asks Krishna where she is coming from. Kokila calls everybody else to the hall and now the strong Kokila is back. She is about to announce the news when Rashi and Gopi’s mom enters with her family with Jay, Veeru and Priyal. Kokila brings Gopi downstairs and presents a a red saari . She drapes the saari over Gopi’s head and everyone’s in shock.

PRECAP: Kokila announces that tomorrow Gopi will get married to Krishna and Jigar is angrily opposing Kokila but she is determined.