Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Kokila announces that tomorrow is Gopi’s last day in this house. She says that tomorrow Gopi will move to Krishna’s house as his bride.

Kokila feels strongly that Gopi should get married to Krishna, the other family members are against this but she is trying to convince them. Jigar is especially upset about all this.

Kokila is strong now as how she used to be before.. she is getting everything under control and she tells everyone that whatever this family is anymore is because of Gopi. Gopi is the reason that any of them are even in that house and in that position.

Kokila asks Jigar why he is getting mad about Gopi’s new start in life.. she reminds him what happened when Rashi died.. it was Gopi who helped him come back  alive. She asks Jigar what kind of work he does that he doesn’t even have one minute for his relations and family.

Paridhi asks her have you thought of why a man would want to marry a woman like this? Kokila gets even angrier and reminds Paridhi that she is here because of Gopi. She asks Paridhi that what is your aukaat that you will be a daughter in law in my family. She reminds Paridhi that everyone was against Paridhi except for Gopi. Kokila calls Paridhi ungrateful.

Kokila tells everyone that Dr Krishna alone has taken care of Gopi.. everybody else has made Gopi into an object and says that no one cares about Gopi. Kokila reminds everyone about what happened last night.. when she asked Paridhi to sleep in Gopi’s room. Urmila aunty and Vidya are shocked to hear all this. Kokila tells everyone that no even tried to save Gopi when she was stuck in a room full of fire except for Krishna. She reminds Saahil and everyone that their ‘badi mom’ has done everything for them and loved them more than their own mom. Jigar is still opposing Kokila, and Kokila asks him who the hell is he to decide about Gopi’s life. Kokila tells him that I was telling you this and not asking you.

Jigar calls Kokila mad and she says that if you even say another word, I will slap you in front of lord Krishna.  She tells everyone that I a still that Kokila Modi.

Urmila tells Jigar to shut up and she agrees with Kokila. Jigar asks Urmila that would you marry off Rashi if I died.. and Urmila says yes.. didn’t you remarry?

Vidya and Sona also side with Kokila and Urmila.. Jigar insults Sona and calls her illiterate and gawaar. Sona gives a clapback and Paridhi gets angry at Sona. Jigar then storms off with Paridhi. Then Sona tells Monica to get out.


Meera asks Kokila that do you want to get rid of Gopi? She says that if you can’t take care of her then I will take her to my home and take care of her myself.